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QBS 143/ PH 132 Dealing with Differences: Communication, Negotiation, and Teamwork

Conflict is inevitable – we negotiate our differences every day, whether we are public health practitioners, clinicians, administrators or researchers. Working effectively in public health and health care depends on our ability to manage conflict effectively, learn how to understand others’ perspectives and interests, and both give and receive feedback. If poorly managed or avoided, conflict reduces productivity, undermines trust and leads to worse outcomes. If viewed as an opportunity to explore the concerns and different perspectives that others may have, working through these differences can enable individuals and teams to come up with better solutions and work more effectively. This elective will teach you the basic principles and skills of how to engage effectively with differences and conflicts, understand the strengths and weaknesses of how you tend to approach conflict in your life, and provide you a framework for thinking about both communication and negotiation. You will have the opportunity to practice negotiating a job offer.

*May not be offered every year



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PH 132