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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

133 Clinical Epidemiology

This course focuses on the study of medical interventions and the outcomes of disease, expanding on selected concepts covered in Foundations of Epidemiology I & II. Lectures will emphasize study design, statistical methods, collection and interpretation of data, and will be supplemented with readings from the medical literature. Topics include assessment of the performance of diagnostic and screening tests, design of studies for evaluating the efficacy of screening programs for early detection of chronic disease, as well as randomized clinical trials and nonrandomized studies of disease prognosis, therapeutic efficacy, and therapeutic safety. Also covered will be the construction and validation of clinical risk prediction models and statistical approaches for assessing the performance of risk prediction models including discrimination, calibration, and reclassification. Additional topics include pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenomics, quality of life measurement, and synthesis of quantitative data for medical decision making such as meta-analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis.


Dr. Michael Passarelli


QBS 130 &131 or instructor permission.