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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

QBS 121 Foundations of Biostatistics II: Statistical Modeling

We cover the theory and applications of statistical modelling, also known as regression, as practiced in the quantitative biomedical sciences. We present statistical inference (estimation and hypothesis testing) for linear models, generalized linear models (i.e. logistic and Poisson regression), and models for times-to-event (survival analysis). The course emphasizes the dual goals of modelling which are (i) prediction and (ii) causal inference. it includes applications of penalized (regularized) regression, propensity scores and methods for missing data. We use the statistical software R.


Drs. Todd MacKenzie & Tor Tosteson

Cross Listed Courses

PH 271


QBS 120 or QBS 119. Calculus, linear algebra. Programming: Intermediate proficiency in R.