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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

QBS 110.5 Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar Project

This optional QBS course elective can only be taken in sequence with QBS 110: Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar, a course designed to introduce first year QBS students to the diversity of biomedical research in QBS across the quantitative sciences. In 110, students are expected to gain a broad perspective about the types of biomedical research questions that could be addressed using quantitative methods in addition to obtaining information that may help guide future lab rotation selection or independent study projects. This project-based continuation of the course is meant to further promote interdisciplinary thinking by requiring students to develop a project proposal and oral presentation that describes how to bring together 2 or more QBS faculty members to solve a biomedical research question that is not currently being addressed in an active collaboration. This will provide students with experience thinking about how to bring a diverse and collaborative team of scientists together to solve a complex problem. Students may potentially even develop a project idea that they wish explore in future rotations, a dissertation project, or independent study.
* not every faculty who lectured in QBS 110 may be available to participate and the course instructor will provide a list of faculty available prior to the start of the course.

(0.5 Unit)


Dr. Kristine Giffin & QBS Faculty


QBS 110, Non-QBS students need permission of instructor