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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

PHYS 100 Mathematical Methods for Physicists

A survey of basic mathematical concepts and tools as relevant to physics applications, with emphasis on finite- and infinite-dimensional linear vector spaces as a unifying framework.  Representative topics include: analytic function theory, complex integration and series expansion; basic concepts in linear algebra, linear operators, eigenvalue problems, diagonalization, spectral theorem; systems of ordinary differential equations, operator-valued differential equations; functional spaces and convergence notions, complete orthonormal basis sets;  Weierstrass theorem, Fourier series and transforms, Sturm-Liouville systems and orthogonal polynomials, special functions; partial differential equations of mathematical physics, solution by separation of variables, integral transforms, eigenfunction expansions; introduction to Green's function techniques.




One of ENGS 092, MATH 043, MATH 046 or equivalent with permission of instructor.