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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2020-21

MICR 146 Immunotherapy and the development of contemporary biologics for the treatment of human disease.

This course will consider both basic scientific and therapeutic aspects of three important areas of immunology: immune tolerance, tumor immunology, and autoimmunity. The tolerance module will consider current tolerance strategies and new advances in the field. The tumor immunology module will consider contemporary approaches to eliciting host responses to tumor. Autoimmunity will be discussed to describe basic mechanisms behind the disease and what can be done to modulate the immune response to prevent or treat such diseases. Finally, technical, practical and commercial development of novel biologics for human clinical trials will also be considered. Sessions will consist of a faculty-lead discussion of the primary literature relating to each topic, interspersed with student lead presentations on selected areas. The students will write a 10 page dissertation on a theme related to one of the modules. Students should inform Dr. Noelle and/or Dr. Rothstein of their first and second choices before the start of the course. The dissertations will be due two weeks after the end of the ovule on which the dissertation is based.


Drs. Noelle, Rothstein and associates


A previous immunology course and/or permission of an instructor


21F: Arrange Offered in alternate years