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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2020-21

ENGS ENGS 174 Energy Conversion

This course will address the science and technology of converting key primary energy sources—fossil fuels, biomass, solar radiation, wind, and nuclear fission and fusion—into fuels, electricity, and usable heat. Each of these topics will be analyzed in a common framework including underlying fundamentals, constraints on cost and performance, opportunities and obstacles for improvement, and potential scale.




ENGS 22 and at least two of the following: ENGS 25, ENGS 32, ENGS 34, ENGS 36, ENGS 44, ENGS 52, ENGS 76, ENGS 104, ENGS 125, ENGS 150, ENGS 155, ENGS 156, and ENGM 184, or permission. ENGS 25 is strongly recommended.


20F, 21F