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ENGS 133 Methods of Materials Characterization

This survey course discusses both the physical principles and practical applications of the more common modern methods of materials characterization. It covers techniques of both microstructural analysis (OM, SEM, TEM, electron diffraction, XRD), and microchemical characterization (EDS, XPS, AES, SIMS, NMR, RBS and Raman spectroscopy), together with various scanning probe microscopy techniques (AFM, STM, EFM and MFM). Emphasis is placed on both the information that can be obtained together with the limitations of each technique. The course has a substantial laboratory component, including a project involving written and oral reports, and requires a term paper.


I. Baker

Cross Listed Courses

PHYS 128 and CHEM 137


ENGS 24 or permission


21S, 22S