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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2020-21

ENGS 129 Biomedical Circuits and Systems

This course covers the fundamental principles of designing electronic instrumentation and measurement systems, including (i) operation and use of a range of transducers (ii) design of sensor interface circuits (iii) operation and use of different analog-to-digital converters (iv) signal processing algorithms and (v) event-driven microcontroller programming. While these engineering principles will be illustrated in the context of biomedical applications, they are equally relevant to other instrumentation and measurement scenarios. In the first half of the course, there are weekly labs during which students build various biomedical devices, such as an ECG-based heart rate monitor, an electronic stethoscope and an automatic blood pressure monitor. Each of these labs underscores a specific principle of instrumentation and measurement system design. The second half of the course is focused on a group project to build a single, moderately-complex piece of instrumentation, such as a blood oxygenation monitor.




ENGS 31, ENGS 32 and either ENGS 61 or ENGS 62.


21S, 22S Laboratory