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New Undergraduate Course Supplement 2022

ENGS 85.11 Computer-Aided Design and Kinematics

This course introduces computer-aided design and kinematics applied to study the geometry of motion in linkage systems that are components of machines ranging from vehicle suspensions to robotic arms. The principles and methods introduced include capturing design intent in parametric models, design communication with mechanical  drawings, computer-based kinematic design, and design validation with rapid prototyping. A series of project-based learning activities focus on the design of linkage  mechanisms to control the leg movements of walking machines where the objective is to transform the rotation of an input crank into a desired walking movement for the legs. The course aims to develop spatial and geometric thinking abilities while practicing mechanical design within constraints and building prototypes of increasingly  complicated walking mechanisms. The lessons and projects examine technologies that surround us and art that explores the boundary of mechanical animals and life. 

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