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New Undergraduate Course Supplement 2018

LATS 17 The Latinx Nineteenth Centure

Does the term “Latinx” and its gendered variants, “Latina” and “Latino,” make sense only in the 20th century? What does Latinx literature and culture look like if we turn the clock backwards to the nineteenth-century? We might find that the very concept of Latina/o/x culture resists our desire for neat timelines as much as it crosses the boundaries between various nationalities, ethnicities, and histories that define Latin American descendent peoples. This course will explore these questions in order to understand how our ideas of nation, art and literature, and social relations change when we read the past through the lens of a Latinx nineteenth-century. The course will proceed chronologically across a variety of genres, including political pamphlets, poetry, autobiography, historical novels, and sensational fiction. This class considers the imagination of a Latinx nineteenth-century as a set of changing entanglements between the U.S. and Latin America, conditions of freedom and slavery, as well as forms of conquest and dispossession.

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