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Access and Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

Dartmouth College adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to ensure that otherwise qualified students with disabilities are not excluded from or denied the benefits of the Dartmouth collegiate experience.


The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office promotes and fosters an accessible Dartmouth College for students with disabilities.  SAS works with students, faculty, and staff to ensure that the programs, services, and activities of Dartmouth College are accessible to, and useable by, students with disabilities.  SAS endeavors to:

  • Promote a fully inclusive and disability-friendly environment at Dartmouth College.
  • Help students with disabilities to have the information and services they need to have full and equal access to all of Dartmouth’s programs, services, and activities.
  • Encourage student independence and life skills. 
  • Support Dartmouth students who wonder if they may have a disability and want to explore that possibility.
  • Support the efforts of campus programs, staff, and faculty who are trying to responsibly include students with disabilities.
  • Foster a better understanding of disability, its relationship to the rest of life and society, and to encourage self-advocacy.
  • Honor and recognize the positive aspects of disability and the value of people with disabilities as a part of Dartmouth’s diverse human resources.

SAS services to students with disabilities are determined on an individualized basis. They may include:

  • Facilitating/arranging academic and other adjustments such as testing modifications, reduced course loads, adjustments to financial aid, accessible housing, mobility services.
  • Auxiliary Services (e.g. sign language interpreters, note-taking, amanuenses, real-time captioning, Braille, document conversion)
  • Technological solutions (adaptive technology, preventing technological barriers)
  • Disability-related advising, information, and referral
  • Technical assistance to campus entities including faculty members
  • Pre-screening services to students exploring whether they may have a disability
  • Advocacy

Service eligibility is based on students’ disability-related need, primarily evidenced by each student’s experiences and any needed disability documentation.  A record of prior academic adjustments and services, in and of itself, is usually insufficient to support academic adjustments and services at Dartmouth College.

Students interested in pursuing disability-related academic adjustments and services should:

1.   Visit the SAS website at

2.   Contact SAS at or call (603) 646-9900 to arrange a time to meet and get information about whether any documentation or other materials should be provided ahead of time.

Students who wish to request academic adjustments and services need to do so in a timely manner, provide appropriate disability-related documentation as needed, and constructively engage in SAS’s processes for determining appropriate actions.  Students who believe they may need academic adjustments and services are strongly encouraged to contact the Student Accessibility Services office early in their academic career.  For those classes in which students desire academic adjustments that involve instructors and/or academic departments or programs, students are encouraged to notify their instructors as early as possible.


There are appeals processes for when a student is denied an academic adjustment or otherwise believes that disability-related discrimination or a policy/procedure violation may have occurred. See: for information about the processes.