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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

Divisions of the Faculty

For purposes of administration the Departments of the Faculty are grouped into three Divisions, as follows:


Arts and Humanities Sciences Social Sciences
Art History [ARTH] Biological Sciences [BIOL] Anthropology [ANTH]
Asian and Middle Chemistry [CHEM] Economics [ECON]
Eastern Languages Computer Science [COSC] Education [EDUC]
and Literatures Earth Sciences [EARS] Geography [GEOG]
[AMEL] Engineering Sciences [ENGS] Government [GOVT]
Classics [CLAS] Mathematics [MATH] History [HIST]
English [ENGL] Physics [PHYS] and Psychological and Brain
Film and Media Astronomy [ASTR] Sciences [PSYC]
Studies [FILM]
Sociology [SOCY]
French [FREN] and

Italian [ITAL]

German [GERM]

Music [MUS]

Philosophy [PHIL]

Religion [REL]

Russian [RUSS]

Spanish [SPAN] and

Portuguese [PORT]

Studio Art [SART]

Theater [THEA]

Each of these Departments is represented by its Chair on the corresponding Divisional Council, which has general supervision over matters affecting the Division. Most of the Departments offer one or more majors.

A fourth division consists of the several Academic Programs, as follows: