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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

Numbering and Level

The numbering of each course indicates the level of the course. Numbers 1-9 are used primarily to designate courses on an introductory level; numbers 10-79 are used for the general course offerings of the department or program. The significance of the various levels depends on the needs of the department or program, but the higher numbers generally indicate courses of more advanced and specialized nature. Numbers 80-89 are used for certain special types of courses, such as seminars, thesis courses, independent study, and honors courses. The numbers 90-99 are used for certain advanced undergraduate major courses. Numbers 100-299 are used for graduate courses. Special topics courses, and certain other related courses, are numbered using a two digit leading number followed by a "point," then a two digit number starting with .01 for the first topic, .02 for the next, etc.