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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

War and Peace Studies

Coordinator: Benjamin A. Valentino

Steering Committee: D. Benjamin (Dickey Center), P. A. Bien (English, Emeritus), L. A. Butler (History), E. V. Edmonds (Economics), J. M. Lind (Government), J. W. Lamperti (Mathematics, Emeritus), E. G. Miller (History), J. E. Shepherd (Environmental Studies), B. A. Valentino (Government).

War and Peace Studies is administered by the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding. The Jean Monnet Fund for War and Peace Studies, which is part of the Dickey Center’s endowment, was established in 1985 by John C. Baker and Elizabeth Baker to honor the Dartmouth trustees who had the vision in 1961 to award Jean Monnet an honorary degree. It was also to honor the three founders of War and Peace Studies at Dartmouth College: Leonard Reiser, Elise Boulding, and Peter Bien.

The problems of peace and war demand multifaceted solutions that require the study of such diverse fields as government, history, literature, languages, sociology, environmental studies, geography, anthropology, psychology, and economics. Rather than being housed in any one department, War and Peace Studies is accordingly a synthesis of various disciplines concerned with the problems of peace and reconciliation, arms control, war, and, more generally, collective violence. Its broad objectives are to support teaching, research, and public discussion of important issues in these fields. War and Peace Studies administers a War and Peace Fellows program for students and presents a series of public speakers and other events.