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HIST 35 The Creation of 'America' in the Age of Jefferson

The years between the close of the American Revolution and the start of the Age of Jackson have been described as the “most neglected, if not the most despised period of American history.” Without the drama of the Revolutionary years or the ominous tension of the Civil War’s approach, the Early Republic has been seen as a dull interval between the country’s defining events. Now, new methods in the study of American history have completely changed the way we understand the period. This course will focus on the seminal task of nation building, when distinctively American political parties, cities and villages, gender roles, educational systems, decorative arts, cultural institutions, attitudes toward Native peoples, architecture and economic policies took form. Thomas Jefferson actively shaped the debates over these issues, and he serves as the pivotal figure in our study of the formation of a new and specifically American culture in the Early Republican period. Open to all classes.

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