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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

Ethics Institute

Director: Aine Donovan

Faculty Fellow: Randall Balmer

2016-2017 Advisory Board Members: T. Rosenkoetter, T. Osborne, K. Peterson, A. Kapuscinski, J. Rose, B. Duchaine, W. Nelson, K. Kirkland, B. Tomlin, U. Wegst, K. Burke.

The Ethics Institute exists to foster the study of applied and professional ethics throughout the Dartmouth community, both at the undergraduate level and in the professional schools. Since its beginning in 1982, the Ethics Institute has been distinguished by a grassroots faculty interest. The Ethics Institute provides support for research in applied and professional ethics ranging from medical, business, legal, and engineering ethics to the ethics of teaching and research. We gather in seminar groups and task forces to discuss and research cutting edge ethical issues, to prepare publications, symposia, and lectureships, and to develop courses.

On-campus services include: 1) forums in Applied and Professional Ethics; 2) a faculty University Seminar in Applied and Professional Ethics; 3) monthly interest group meetings on ethical issues that foster faculty discussions, joint research, publications, teaching, and course development in applied and professional ethics; 4) development of externally-funded projects and fellowships; 5) Aaron Scholar program; 6) website; 7) annual undergraduate essay contests; 8) research grant opportunities for faculty and undergraduate students; 9) consultations with professors, students, and departments of the college; 10) student mediation and conflict resolution group; 11) bioethics student group; 12) annual bioethics and ethics bowl debate competitions. 

The Ethics Institute’s administrative offices, library, and conference room are located in Haldeman Center, second floor.