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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

EARS 14 Meteorology

Introduction to the science of the atmosphere, emphasizing weather and weather forecasting, but including atmospheric variations on all scales from tornadoes, through the Little Ice Age, to Snowball Earth. We begin by discussing the properties of air and a few basic physical principles that control all atmospheric phenomena. These principles enable us to understand weather systems and associated fronts, clouds, winds, and precipitation, and to forecast weather using simple visual observations, satellite data and supercomputers. They are also the basis for the global circulation of air, energy and water, as well as the restlessly changing, diverse climate zones of our planet. Labs will provide hands-on experience observing the weather, building and using simple meteorological instruments, interpreting network data and satellite images, and forecasting the weather in real time. Additional topics may include air pollution, deliberate and inadvertent weather and climate modification, aviation and marine weather, and atmospheric chaos.



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