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CLST 22 Greek Classical Archaeology: City-States and Panhellenic Sanctuaries

From the allied Greeks' expulsion of Persian invaders through their great victories at Plataea and Mykale in 479 B.C. to their catastrophic defeat by Philip, Alexander, and the Macedonians at Chaeronea In 338 B.C., the history of Greek culture is that of dozens of individual city-states in constant competition for hegemony in a wide variety of different arenas, from battlefield to stadium to pan-Hellenic sanctuary. In this course, particular attention is paid to the material cultural achievements of the richest and artistically most influential of these poleis, the city of Athens, when that city developed the western world's first democracy, built the Parthenon, and played host to the schools established by Plato and Aristotle. May be taken in partial fulfillment of the major in Art History.



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