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BIOL 33 Comparative Neurobiology of Social Interactions

Because animals evolved from a common ancestor, they share not only features of their external morphology, but also aspects of their neurobiology. These components of the nervous system are conserved, modified, and co-opted into new tasks as species diverge. This course focuses specifically on the neurobiology of social interactions. It takes a comparative approach to assess when neural systems are conserved and when neural systems have converged in function in response to similar selective pressures. The course will be organized into modules that address five topic areas: mate choice, parental care, territoriality/aggression, communication/language, and group living. Specific examples will be drawn from a diversity of case studies including song learning in birds, communication in bees, and perception of emotion in humans.



Cross Listed Courses

PSYC 53.11


One from among BIOL 14, BIOL 16, PSYC 6 or instructor permission.

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