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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

BIOL 23 Plant Biology and Human Health

This course provides a general survey of the plant kingdom from the level of molecules to plant diversity. The course has four themes: (1) exploring the origin and diversification of plants in an ecological and phylogenetic context, (2) understanding plant form and function, (3) learning representative plant families and genera, and (4) investigating the human health effects of plants. The lab emphasizes the anatomy and physiology of plants, species interactions, plants and human health, and using keys and manuals to identify plants, especially New England species, in the greenhouse and on local field trips. Students must develop a plant collection of 20 species for the course.  No student may receive course credit for both BIOL 23 and BIOL 54.


The staff


One of BIOL 12, BIOL 13, BIOL 30, BIOL 15, BIOL 16 OR one of ENVS 2, ANTH 6, EARS 18, GEOG 3 or GEOG 4 OR permission of the instructor

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