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BIOL 11.03 Emerging Infectious Diseases: How Microbes Rule the World

Emerging infectious diseases, which have shaped the course of humanity and caused untold suffering and death, will continue to challenge society as long as humans and microbes co-exist. This course will explore why infectious diseases emerge and re-emerge. The viruses, bacteria and eukaryotes that cause these diseases continually evolve in response to their hosts. Dynamic interactions between rapidly evolving infectious agents and changes in the environment and in host behavior provide such agents with favorable new ecological niches. In addition, dramatic increases in the worldwide movement of people and goods drive the globalization of disease. NOTE: Biology 11: For many students, BIOL 11 will be the entrance course to the major. To help students determine if they are sufficiently prepared to enter a foundation course directly, the Biology department has established an online self-assessment exam for students. Students who have any concerns about their preparedness should take BIOL 11 before enrolling in a foundation course. BIOL 11 may be counted toward the biology major if it is taken as the first biology major course. BIOL 11 will not count towards the major if taken after completion of any Biology course numbered above 11.  Only one offering of BIOL 11 may be taken for credit.


Guerinot, McClung


No prerequisites

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