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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

COSC 231 Advanced Algorithms

This course provides an introduction to algorithms and algorithm design techniques at a level more advanced than a typical undergraduate course in algorithms, yet basic enough to be applicable widely across the many subfields of computer science. There is a strong emphasis on rigorously proving the correctness of and running time bounds on the algorithms studied. Typical techniques covered include, but are not limited to, randomization, amortized analysis, linear programming and approximation. Typical problems include, but are not limited to, splay trees, perfect hashing, skip lists, fast randomized algorithms for minimum cuts and minimum spanning trees, maximum matching, pattern matching, and some simple approximation algorithms: both combinatorial and based on linear programming relaxation.




A grade of B+ or better in COSC 31, or passing an examination administered by the department to demonstrate competency in the material of COSC 31.