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SART 17.22 On Earth: Art The Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is a new geologic era that has been defined as the present epoch in which the earth’s systems and biodiversity are being slowly disrupted by the impact of humans on the earth. This theory/practice, studio course engages with contemporary art to explore creative practices related to the topic. Through the production of artworks students will investigate the profound role art and design can play to address and expand current related dialogues.

This course will explore what it mean to consider humans as a geological agent and how artists and designers can engage with the shifting perceptions of our surroundings. Creative projects that are open to the use of a range of media center on practical techniques that may include; mapping, the production of data visualization, journaling, and collaborative exercises. The course content builds through interrelating topics such as: new understandings of time, space, and scale; the concept of worlding; the use of scientific data to interpret planetary systems; the influence of the techno-sphere on human sensing and perceptions of “the natural”, and a redefinition of kin in a posthumanist era.

The course serves neither as a comprehensive study of the Anthropocene nor as an art historical survey. It is instead an introductory exploration into ways to consider the Anthropocene in order to cultivate and reinforce new forms of flexible creative and critical thinking.



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