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MATH 8 Calculus of Functions of One and Several Variables

This course is a sequel to MATH 3 and is appropriate for students who have successfully completed an AB calculus curriculum (or the equivalent) in secondary school. Roughly half of the course is devoted to topics in one-variable calculus, selected from techniques of integrations, areas, volumes, numerical integration, sequences and series including Taylor series, ordinary differential equations and techniques of their solution. The second half of the course studies scalar valued functions of several variables. It begins with the study of vector geometry, equations of lines and planes, and space curves (velocity, acceleration, arclength). The balance of the course is devoted to studying differential calculus of functions of several variables. Topics include limits and continuity, partial derivatives, tangent planes and differentials, the Chain Rule, directional derivatives and applications, and optimization problems including the use of Lagrange multipliers.


Chen, The Staff, The Staff (Fall), Zhou, Petkova, Wang (Winter), Wang, The Staff, Russell (Spring)


MATH 3 or equivalent.

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