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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

COSC 277 Computer Graphics

This course provides a broad introduction to the mathematical and programmatic foundations of computer graphics, including modeling, rendering (drawing), and animating three-dimensional scenes. Topics include digital image representation, two- and three-dimensional shape representations (e.g. parametric curves and surfaces, meshes, subdivision surfaces), geometrical transformations (e.g. rotations, scales, translations, and perspective projection), rigging and skinning, the rasterization pipeline, ray tracing, illumination and shading models, texturing, and light & visual perception. Coursework typically includes a mix of programming assignments, quizzes/hand-written work, assigned readings, and a final project. Knowledge of basic linear algebra and programming skills are assumed.




COSC 50; COSC 70/70.01 (formerly COSC 11) or MATH 22/24; or instructor permission if the above two prereqs not fulfilled.