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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

Comparative Literature - Graduate

Chair: Lawrence Kritzman

Professors R. E. Biron (Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature), A. Coly (AAAS, Comparative Literature), T. El-Ariss (Middle Eastern Studies, Comparative Literature), G. Gemünden (German, Comparative Literature), I. Kacandes (German, Comparative Literature), L. D. Kritzman (French and Italian, Comparative Literature), D. P. LaGuardia (French and Italian, Comparative Literature), A. Lawrence (Film and Media Studies), G. Parati (French and Italian, Comparative Literature), B. Pastor (Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature), S. Spitta (Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature), M. R. Warren (Comparative Literature), D. Washburn (Asian Societies, Cultures and Languages, Comparative Literature, Film and Media Studies); Associate Professors J. Aguado (Spanish and Portuguese), N. Canepa (French and Italian), J. Dorsey (ASCL), Y. Elhariry (French and Italian), V. Fuechtner (German), A. Gomez (Spanish and Portuguese), Y. Komska (German, Comparative Literature), A. Martín (Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature), K. Mladek (German, Comparative Literature), M. Otter (English, Comparative Literature), I. Reyes (Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature), A. Tarnowski (French and Italian, Comparative Literature), J. Smolin (Middle Eastern Studies)

Courses in Comparative Literature are designed to meet the needs of students whose literary interests are broader than those that can be met by the curriculum of any single department.


To view Comparative Literature Graduate courses, click here. 

To view Comparative Literature Undergraduate requirements, click here.

To view Comparative Literature Undergraduate courses, click here.


Requirements for the Master of Arts in Comparative Literature

Each graduate student must receive credit for at least nine courses for the one-year Master of Arts degree and complete a major text presentation and prepare a paper of professional quality.

To receive the Masters degree in Comparative Literature a candidate must satisfactorily:

  1. Complete nine courses as described below:

    CL 100, Contemporary Literary Criticism and Theory (required)

    CL 101, Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory (required)

    CL 102, Tutorial (required)

    Arrange with advisor.

    CL 103, Workshop in Critical Writing (required)

    CL 105, Graduate Seminar (required)

    Arrange with graduate advisor.

    Four elective courses in relevant Dartmouth language and literature departments including one upper level course in the candidate’s first foreign language.

  2. A major text presentation. In conjunction with the Tutorial (CL 102) and the graduate seminar (CL 105), students will prepare a 20-minute public presentation on a major text (read in its original language) related to their research area.
  3. An M.A. essay. During spring term, in conjunction with CL 103 (Workshop in Critical Writing), the candidate will prepare a paper of professional quality which will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Graduate Committee.