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  • Jewish Studies

    JWST 15: The Middle East Conflict in Film and Literature JWST 56: Women in Islam and Judaism

  • Jewish Studies

    Chair: S. Heschel Professors S. Ackerman (REL),  L. H. Glinert (MES), S. Heschel (REL), I. Kacandes (GERM), S. Kan (ANTH), L. D. Kritzman (FRIT), P. McKee (ENG), A. Orleck (HIST); Associate Profe…

  • JWST - Jewish Studies Courses

    To view Jewish Studies requirements, click here.

  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

    Chair: Susan Ackerman Professors S. Ackerman (Religion, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies), L. Baldez (Government, Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies), F. E. Beasley (French and Itali…

  • German Studies

    Chair: Veronika Fuechtner Professors G. Gemünden, I. Kacandes, E. R. Shookman; Associate Professors V. Fuechtner, K. Mladek, Y. Komska; Assistant Professor P. McGillen; Senior Lecturer/Research A…

  • Latino Studies

    LATS 5: Complexities of Latino Identities LATS 40: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity LATS 41: Representations of/from Latinos in the Media and the Arts LATS 44: Crossing Over: Latino Roots and Transiti…

  • Graduate Studies Office Courses

    Unspecified Graduate Studies Courses

  • ENVS - Environmental Studies Courses

    To view Environmental Studies requirements, click here.

  • GERM - German Studies Courses

    To view German Studies requirements, click here.

  • LATS - Latino Studies Courses

    To view Latino Studies requirements, click here.

  • CLST - Classical Studies Courses

    To view Classics requirements, click here.

  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

    Chair: Donald E. Pease Dartmouth College offers a graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (M.A.L.S.). This program places special emphasis on a multidisciplinary ap…

  • INTS - International Studies Courses

    To view International Studies requirements, click here. To view information on the John Sloan Dickey Center, click here.

  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies

    Steering Committee: J. L. Carroll (Art History); N.Cirnigliaro (Spanish and Portuguese); M. C. Gaposchkin (History); T. Luxon (English); C. H. MacEvitt (Religion); M. Otter (English and Comparative Li…

  • War and Peace Studies

    Coordinator: Benjamin A. Valentino Steering Committee: D. Benjamin (Dickey Center), P. A. Bien (English, Emeritus), L. A. Butler (History), E. V. Edmonds (Economics), J. M. Lind (Government), J. W. …

  • Environmental Studies Program

    Chair: Richard B. Howarth Professors D. T. Bolger, A. J. Friedland, R. B. Howarth, A. R. Kapuscinski, C. S. Sneddon, R. A. Virginia, E. J. Wilson; Associate Professors M. E. Cox, N. J. Reo, D. G. Web…

  • Science and Technology Studies

    Affiliated faculty: D. L. Anthony, D. T. Bolger, L. E. Conkey, M. R. Dietrich, N. K. Frankenberry, V. Fuechtner, M. Gleiser, A. V. Koop, R. L. Kremer, J. V. Kulvicki, J. H. Moor, A. L. Roskies, S. Suh…

  • The Institute of Arctic Studies

    Director: Ross A. Virginia Associate Director: Matthew Ayres Program Manager: Lee McDavid Science Outreach Coordinator: Lauren Culler The Dickey Center’s Institute of Arctic Studies was foun…

  • International Studies Minor

    Coordinator: Amy Newcomb, Student Programs Officer, Dickey Center for International Understanding Faculty Steering Committee: G. Parati (Chair), L. V. Adams, Daniel Benjamin, Director of the Dickey Ce…

  • Film and Media Studies

    Chair: Paul D. Young Professors M. Desjardins, M. Flanagan, A. Lawrence; Associate Professors  J. N. Mack, J. K. Ruoff, M. J. Williams, P. Young;   Visiting Associate Professor W. F. Ph…

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