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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

Multiple Major

Many students major in two separate fields, often quite dissimilar, for instance, Theater and Government. To do so, the student must submit two separate major plans to the two departments or programs, approved by both Chairs. The culminating experience must be satisfied for both majors. In designing the double major program, it is not possible to use any individual course as part of both majors (although a course may be part of one major and prerequisite to the other, or prerequisite to both majors). A student may start with one major and later add, through appropriate submission, a second. Either or both of the majors may be Standard, Modified, or Special. The student may at any time decide to return to a single major by officially dropping one of the majors. See the Registrar's website for detailed instructions on procedures. Note that the regulation concerning the deadline for making a change of major (or type of major) is not intended to keep a student who has been carrying a dual major from dropping one major in the last days of the term preceding graduation.