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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Two-Course Loads

A student may have a two-course load in any three terms, as a maximum, during his or her college career. There is no reduction in tuition associated with the taking of a two-course load. (See the section on tuition reduction for possible exceptions involving disabilities.) The end of the tenth day of classes of any term is the deadline for a student to reduce a course load from three to two or increase it from two to three. No change in either direction may be made after that date. See the first paragraph of this section for the possibility of filing a petition to add a course. There are no special restrictions as to the taking of Credit/No Credit courses or courses under the Non-Recording Option that apply to the course load chosen. Election of a two-course load is intended to permit increased concentration of effort upon the student’s courses or to allow other unofficial academic effort. Although it is not necessary for a student to have at least one extra course credit accumulated before undertaking a two-course term, the election of a reduced load should not impair normal progress toward graduation.