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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Course Loads

The normal course load in each of the four terms of the academic year is three courses. While two- or four-course loads are allowed within specified limits, no matriculated undergraduate may have in any term a load of fewer than two courses or may in any term take, or receive credit for, five or more courses. Any registered student not officially enrolled in at least two courses by the end of the tenth day of classes in a term is liable for administrative withdrawal.

Should a student have what they believe is a compelling reason for adding a course after the tenth day, a petition may be addressed to the Registrar. The petition must explain fully the circumstances that have arisen since the start of the term to cause the request, and must be accompanied by written permission from the intended instructor. Regulations regarding withdrawal from courses after the tenth day of classes are enumerated elsewhere in the Catalog.