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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

Administration of Courses; Scheduling of Final Examinations; Pre-Examination Break

Not later than two weeks after the start of each academic term, every course instructor should provide students with a list of the papers, reports, examinations, and other requirements that are the components for a grade in the course, and the approximate dates on which the work is due.

By vote of the Faculty, effective the spring term of 1981-1982, during the last five days of classes of each term, no major tests or examinations may be given. Routine quizzes and drills may, however, be administered. Also, by vote of the Faculty, in every term there shall be a mandatory two-day break (Pre-Examination Break) between the last day of classes and the first final examination, during which no classes or tests may be scheduled. The academic calendar lists the various dates term by term. Because of the adoption of Memorial Day as a College holiday in 1998, the two days of the Pre-Examination Break in spring term will normally fall on Monday (Memorial Day) and the following Thursday, with final class days on Tuesday and Wednesday and examinations beginning on Friday.

Since problems sometimes arise in the reconciling of classroom and extracurricular schedules, the Executive Committee of the Faculty has established the regulations of the following three paragraphs:

“Regular class attendance is expected of all students. Though academic schedules may sometimes conflict with College-sponsored or College-recognized extracurricular events, there are no excused absences for participants in such activities. Students who participate in athletics, debates, concerts, or other activities should check their calendars to see that these events do not conflict with their academic schedules. Should such conflicts occur or be anticipated, each student is responsible for discussing the matter with his or her instructor at the beginning of the appropriate term. Instructors may be accommodating if approached well in advance of the critical date.

Such accommodations can be made only when the conflict occurs because of a scheduled College-sponsored or College-recognized event. No participant should expect to be excused in order to attend a team meeting or orientation session, practice session, meal, or other such activity.

No College-sponsored or College-recognized regular-season event may be scheduled during a Pre-examination break or a Final examination period except with the permission of the Provost, Dean of Faculty, and Dean of the College. One such exception is the regularly scheduled Saturday football game that is scheduled during the fall final examination period; during this time normally final examinations are suspended.”

The Registrar announces the annual schedule of final examinations at the beginning of the academic year, effective fall term 2002. The schedule is arranged so that any instructor can allow up to three hours for the final exam. If a student is scheduled to have two examinations in actual conflict or three examinations on a single calendar day, the student may seek relief from one of the instructors to take that examination at another mutually convenient time during the final examination period. Therefore, students should be prepared to be available for examinations through the last day of the examination period. It is not uncommon for a student to have two examinations on a single calendar day or three examinations in two days. In these circumstances, no adjustment should be expected.

All regularly scheduled final examinations occur during the announced examination period; no undergraduate may be either allowed or required to take any final examination prior to the start of the examination period. Take home examinations, papers, or assignments due after the last day of class cannot be due earlier than the end of the second day of the examination period or the time of the regularly scheduled exam, whichever comes later. (By vote of the faculty on May 23, 2005.) A student who is not able to take a final examination or otherwise complete a course on time due to illness or other compelling cause must work with the instructor and the Dean of the College Office to make arrangements for an Incomplete well in advance of the examination or other deadline. Be sure to consult the section on standings of ‘Incomplete.’