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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

Students Matriculating after the First Year

For students who matriculate at Dartmouth after having spent one or two years at another institution, the academic regulations and degree requirements described above (and, in some cases, following) have been modified by vote of the Faculty on January 13, 1986 and May 1, 1989. The modifications are as follows.

  1. Maximum number of course credits: Students transferring to Dartmouth will be allowed a maximum credit of 17 courses. No further transfer credits will be allowed after matriculation.
  2. The minimum number of enrolled terms will be six for all transfer students.
  3. A summer term residence will be required of all transfer students. Students transferring after their first year will be in residence the summer following their sophomore year. Students transferring after their second year will be encouraged to be in residence the summer after their fall matriculation. The Office of Admissions should complete the admissions process early enough to allow students to plan for the appropriate summer in residence and notify students accordingly.
  4. No credits will be allowed in departments or programs not represented in the Dartmouth undergraduate curriculum for transfer students.
  5. Non-Recording Option (NRO) and Credit/No Credit (CT/NC) elections: Students entering after their first year will be allowed 2 NR’s and a total of 6 CT/NC plus NR’s. Students entering after their second year will be allowed 1 NR and a total of 4 CT/NC plus NR’s.
  6. Two- and Four-Course Terms: Students entering after their first year will be allowed a two-course load in any two terms and a four-course load in any three terms. Students entering after their second year will be allowed a maximum of one two-course load and two four-course loads. Within those limits no permissions are required nor are there changes in tuition.
  7. Students admitted after their first year must declare a major and an enrollment pattern according to the deadline for second-year students. Students admitted after their second year must declare a major and file an enrollment pattern during their first term in residence at Dartmouth.
  8. Course equivalencies are determined by the Registrar or his/her designate. In the event of a question concerning the equivalency or appropriateness of a course, the department/program involved will be consulted. Courses applied for major credit must be approved by the major department/program.
  9. Degree requirements for transfer students are the same as for all other students, with the exception of the First-Year Seminar, first-year residence, and physical education requirements, which are waived. All transfer students must satisfy the senior residence requirement.