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The Society of Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is a scientific honor society, originally established at Cornell University in 1886. Its mission is to honor scientific accomplishments, to encourage and enhance the worldwide appreciation and support of original investigation in science and technology, and to foster a creative and dynamic interaction among science, technology, and society. A fundamental responsibility of the Society is honoring research scientists or those with aptitude for research. Candidates are nominated by full members of Sigma Xi. Membership is determined by a vote of the Dartmouth College chapter’s Committee on Admissions. The president of the Dartmouth College chapter is Dean E. Wilcox, the vice-president is Timothy P. Smith, the treasurer is Douglas W. Van Citters, and the secretary is Robyn Barbato.

The following persons are eligible for associate and full membership:

  1. Associate Membership. Nominees for Associate Member should be seniors or early graduate (e.g., master’s) students who have demonstrated strong aptitude for scientific research. They must have done research that has resulted in an excellent written report, which should be available to the Committee on Admissions if requested. They should also have a demonstrated interest in further study and/or research in a pure or applied science.
  2. Full Membership. Nominees for election or promotion to Member should be graduate students in the final stage of a Ph.D. program, or those who have already completed the Ph.D. (including postdoctoral associates and faculty members). They should have demonstrated noteworthy achievement in research, as evidenced by a completed Ph.D. dissertation or at least two published papers on their research, at least one of which lists the nominee as the principal author.