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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

Honors in the Major

Students with sufficiently high grade point averages overall and in their major may be admitted to the corresponding Honors Program. For details of admission and requirements see The Honors Program section in this Catalog. To be certified for graduation, they like other students must complete in at least passing fashion all of the courses of their major along with any other requirements normally specified by the department or program.

Those graduating honors candidates who achieve at least a B+ average in the work of the Honors Program (but not necessarily an overall minimum B+ average in the major) will have officially completed the Honors Program and will so earn Honors in their major. If the department or program deems that the student has performed outstanding independent work, it may assign High Honors in the major by an individual vote.

Honors or High Honors in the major will be entered on a student’s permanent record, e.g., Honors in History or High Honors in Chemistry. No entry will be made concerning Honors or completion of an Honors Program for a student who does not achieve the indicated B+ average in the work of the Honors Program.

A number of departments and programs have described fully their Honors Programs in the description of their majors; others refer to this statement and to the general requirements for the Honors Program.