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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

Regulations Concerning Enrollment Pattern Changes

Students who change their enrollment patterns for a particular term less than five weeks from the start of the previous term create significant problems within the College. After careful consideration, the following regulations have been adopted. The charges imposed partially compensate the College for the very real costs connected with late changes.

  1. Normally the final date for changing the pattern letter for any term shall be five weeks from the start of the preceding term. Any student who changes after that date from an ‘R’ (Resident Enrollment) will be charged one hundred dollars ($100).

    A student may petition for waiver of the charges via the Office of the Registrar in the case of extenuating circumstances. Such is normally granted only in instances where the extenuating circumstances could not have been anticipated prior to the deadlines, and were beyond the control of the student.

  2. Any student who fails to check-in for a term, while still maintaining an ‘R’ through the end of the ten-day period designated for late registration, will be charged two hundred dollars ($200).