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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Time Sequence

In the course listings to be found on the following pages, below the line with the course number and the title there appear in most cases two-digit numbers, indicating the year, and letters F (fall), W (winter), S (spring), or X (summer), to show the term(s). In most cases, a symbol follows (after a colon) to indicate the time sequence(s) in which the course is to be offered, usually according to the following weekly schedule.

65-Minute periods three times weekly:

8L MWF 7:30-8:35 x-period: Th: 7:45-8:35
9L MWF 8:50-9:55 x-period: Th 9:05-9:55
10 MWF 10:10-11:15 x-period: Th 12:15-1:05
11 MWF 11:30-12:35 x-period: Tu 12:15-1:05
12 MWF 12:50-1:55 x-period: Tu 1:20-2:10
2 MWF 2:10-3:15 x-period: Th 1:20-2:10

50-Minute periods four times weekly:

8S MTuThF 7:45-8:35 x-period:

W 7:45-8:35

9S     MTuThF 9:05-9:55 x-period: W 9:05-9:55

110-Minute periods twice weekly:

10A TuTh 10:10-12:00 x-period: F 3:30-4:20
2A TuTh 2:25-4:15 x-period: W 5:30-6:20
3A MW 3:30-5:20 x-period: M 5:30-6:20
3B TuTh 4:30-6:20 x-period: F 4:35-5:25
6A     MTh 6:30-8:20 x-period: Tu 6:30-7:20

180-Minute period once weekly:

6B W 6:30-9:30 x-period: Tu 7:30-8:20


It should be noted that there are two possible modes of conducting classes in the 9 sequence, depending upon the instructor’s preference for frequent meetings and need for use of x-periods.

Laboratory periods are most commonly scheduled in the afternoon, but morning and evening sessions are also held.

Various courses are listed as ‘Arrange’ since the sequence has not yet been set or the meetings will be tutorial. Dartmouth reserves the right to alter, including cancel, course offerings if enrollments (fewer than five students), resources and/or other circumstances in the judgment of the Trustees and Administration require.