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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

International Studies Minor

Coordinator: Amy Newcomb, Student Programs Officer, Dickey Center for International Understanding

Faculty Steering Committee: G. Parati (Chair), L. V. Adams, Daniel Benjamin, Director of the Dickey Center, E. V. Edmonds, C. A. Fox, S. E. Freidberg, D. L. Nichols, N. Pavcnik, J. Smolin, R. A. Virginia, W. C. Wohlforth.

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The International Studies Minor is open to students from all majors seeking to better understand the cross-cutting global forces that shape the vital issues of our day.

The Minor is coordinated by the Dickey Center for International Understanding and draws upon faculty expertise from across the College. Students graduating with a Minor in International Studies will be able to demonstrate that they are cognizant of the interplay between local and global-level processes, human and environmental interactions, and place, identity, and culture. They will further be able to apply this understanding to the complex global issues of our time in order to better understand their causes and consequences, and to assume the mantle of responsibility that comes with global citizenship.

Application for the Minor should ideally be made by the student’s sixth term of study. No course in the minor may be taken under the Non-Recording Option.

Prerequisite: None.

Requirements: A total of six (6) courses, to include the following:

Four (4) ‘core’ multidisciplinary courses:

INTS 15: Violence and Security

INTS 16: Introduction to International Development

INTS 17: Cultures, Places, and Identities

INTS 18: Global Health and Society

One (1) foreign Language and Literature Course beyond 1, 2, 3 introductory sequence and excluding literature courses taught in English. If a student has been granted a language requirement waiver or is exempted from the college's foreign language requirement or is pursuing a major or minor in a foreign language at Dartmouth, a second general elective course can be used to fulfill this requirement at the committee's discretion.

One (1) elective course selected from a list of courses approved by the Steering Committee.

Core Courses are offered annually. Students for whom the D-plan renders it impossible to take the specific courses above may petition the Steering Committee to substitute a similar course offered at the College. No more than two of the four core courses may be substituted. Substitutions are permitted at the discretion of the Steering Committee.