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SPAN 73.05 Utopia is Alive and Kicking

The question is: where and how do we find it? During the 20th century, the utopian literary narrative field appeared to be dominated by dystopias. With growing skepticism, there was talk of the death of utopias… just as there was talk of the death of the novel. Undaunted and unfazed by such apocalyptic talk, this course will track down and explore the utopian in its multiple forms and manifestations. We will take as a theoretical point of departure Ernst Bloch’s fundamental distinction between classic narrative utopian paradigms such as More’s Utopia and the ever changing field of the utopian and its multiple manifestations —Bloch’s electricity—as we map out the creative movement of utopian thought. Beginning with the Avant-garde movements we will discuss new utopian paradigms as they intersect with artistic, literary and political discourses, exploring and displaying new visions of a better world for a better humankind. Materials will include Julio Cortázar’s Hopscotch, Fernández Mallo’s Nocilla trilogy as well as avant-garde painting, surrealist writings, experimental novels, political manifestoes, technological game changers and a fascinating journey into the new alternative utopian spaces opened up by a new frontier: the internet



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