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SOCY 79.11 Nationalism and the Radical Right

This course will introduce you to recent social science contributions to the subject of neo-nationalism and radical right-wing activism. Beginning with terminology, historical context and methodological approaches, we will proceed to an analysis of recent socio-political developments, focusing on the interrelationship between radical right-wing activism and other social phenomena. We will interrogate the reasons behind the appeal of the far right, inquiring into various socio-economic contexts, the role of historical narratives in shaping far-right activism, and the “mainstreaming” of far-right ideas. An overarching question for all these discussions will be that of the agency and motivations of the actors involved.

We will draw cases from numerous contexts around the world and will reflect on similar developments on the political left. The course will allow for discussion of the most recent developments, as experienced by class attendees and reported by mass media. Finally, we will discuss ethical aspects of studying right-wing (and, for that matter, any political) radicalism.



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