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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

Course Offerings


BIOL 36History of Genetics

COLT 66.01What is Psychoanalysis?

EARS 5Natural Disasters and Catastrophes

EARS 6Environmental Change

EDUC 56STEM and Education

ENGS 3Materials: The Substance of Civilization

ENGS 5Healthcare and Biotechnology in the 21st Century

ENVS 11Humans and Nature in America

ENVS 3Environment and Society: Towards Sustainability?

ENVS 50Environmental Problem Analysis and Policy Formulation

ENVS 72Nature Writers

HIST 21Modern American Thought and Culture

HIST 36Health Care in American Society: History and Current Issues

HIST 57Scientific Revolutions and Modern Society

MATH 36/QSS 36Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences

PHIL 26/COGS 26Philosophy and Computers

PHIL 27Philosophy of Science

PHIL 35Mind and Psychology

REL 35Religion and Science

SOCY 28Health Care and Health Care Policy

HIST 94.02Science, Technology and Culture in the Nuclear Age

SOCY 35Sociology of Mental Health

PHIL 5Philosophy and Medicine