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RUSS 38.04 Madmen, Holy Fools, & Fanatics in Imperial Russia

This is a survey course of Imperial Russia, but a survey of an unusual sort. In this course, we will examine those individuals and phenomena that wink insistently from the margins of the historiography – madmen, holy fools (iurodovy), shriekers (klikushi), sectarians, and fanatics – to discover that they are in fact not so marginal to Russian history after all. Among the questions that our course will ask: how is our determination of what is “mad” dependent on cultural norms? Do different societies generate different types of madness? To what degree are Western psychological theories and models relevant to non-Western cultures? What are the uses of madness from a social, political, and literary point of view? Our course approaches these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective and uses recent historical scholarship, foundational texts in individual psychology and psychoanalytic theory, as well as literary works by Russia’s greatest writers to illuminate the dark heart of madness.



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