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REL 28.02 The Islam of Morocco

ASCL Foreign Study Program in Fez, Morocco
The ASCL Program offers an interdisciplinary Foreign Study Program in Fez, Morocco. Classes are taught at the American Language Institute in Fez, with faculty and guest lecturers drawn from the two universities in Fez and elsewhere in Morocco, as well as the Dartmouth faculty director. The Fez program stresses opportunities to integrate homestays and visits to shrines, schools, markets, and workplaces with conventional classroom learning. For an application or further information, visit the Off Campus Programs Office, 44 North College Street, or go to the OCP web site.
This course is designed to introduce you to Islam as it occurs in the Moroccan environment. Each unit will include either visits from Moroccan scholars or practitioners of the aspect of Islam under consideration, or a visit to a scholar/practitioner or a religiously significant site. Topics will include sharīʿah and sharīʿah-reform, the King as Commander of the Faithful, Dialect Islam in Morocco, Gender and Sex in Moroccan Islam, the History of Islam in Morocco, and other topics as they present themselves.



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