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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

PHIL 9.02 Environmental Ethics

This course provides a general introduction to ethical problems concerning the environment. The course will cover some standard positions in the field, including biocentrism (the thesis that all living organisms have intrinsic moral worth) and ecocentrism (the thesis that entire natural systems have intrinsic moral worth). Topics considered may include:  the ethics of food; the ethics of climate change; the moral status of non-human animals; population, consumption, and sustainability; GMOs and organic food; our duties to other persons, including future persons; and the difficulty of formulating comprehensive climate policy.



Distributive and/or World Culture


The Timetable of Class Meetings contains the most up-to-date information about a course. It includes not only the meeting time and instructor, but also its official distributive and/or world culture designation. This information supersedes any information you may see elsewhere, to include what may appear in this ORC/Catalog or on a department/program website. Note that course attributes may change term to term therefore those in effect are those (only) during the term in which you enroll in the course.