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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2019-20

MUS 26 Electronic Music Synthesis

This course investigates sound synthesis, the foundation of electronic music. We will learn

how to create sound through manipulation of the basic building blocks of tone, noise, and filters. Examples are drawn from a wide range of music, from medieval chant and early counterpoint through modern instrumental, vocal, and electronic music. Topics include:sound objects, simple and complex tone oscillators, sequences, motives, sonic transformations. Students will be assigned weekly reading, listening, and sonic composition exercises, using both open source and commercial music production tools.



Distributive and/or World Culture

Dist:ART; WCult:W

The Timetable of Class Meetings contains the most up-to-date information about a course. It includes not only the meeting time and instructor, but also its official distributive and/or world culture designation. This information supersedes any information you may see elsewhere, to include what may appear in this ORC/Catalog or on a department/program website. Note that course attributes may change term to term therefore those in effect are those (only) during the term in which you enroll in the course.


20W: 10A