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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

Individual Instruction Program - IIP

Courses within the Individual Instruction Program (IIP: MUS 53–58) receive one course credit for three terms of work.

Prior to the initial term, prospective students contact and audition for the instructor and receive permission from the instructor to enroll for the course.

Students enroll for each term of the three-term IIP courses during the normal course registration periods. Credit and a letter grade for the courses will be given only upon successful completion of all three terms. Students are reminded to register for each term of the three-course IIP sequence. Students are expected to complete the course in consecutive terms when they are in residence on campus (with the exception of summer term, when IIP courses are not offered)

At the end of the first and second terms of enrollment, students will receive the grade of “ON,” indicating that the student is in the process of completing three terms of IIP courses (the "ON" grades will remain on the transcript). At the end of the third term, the student will receive one course credit and a final grade from the instructor. The course will count in the course load the third term only. Students are reminded to manage their course loads, recognizing that the IIP course will count in the third term of enrollment. (See course load regulations for information about course load regulations.)

Students will receive a “W” on their transcript if they drop an IIP course following the normal course withdrawal regulations for each term.

Students may take courses within the Individual Instruction Program more than once. To initiate a new three-course sequence, they again receive instructor permission for the initial course.

No more than four course credits from the following courses may be counted by any student toward the Dartmouth degree: MUS 050, MUS 053, MUS 054, MUS 055, MUS 056, MUS 057, MUS 058.