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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Middle Eastern Studies

Chair: Christopher MacEvitt

Professors T. El-Ariss, L. H. Glinert; Associate Professors H. N. Kadhim, J. Smolin; Assistant Professor E. S. Morsi; Senior Lecturers N. Ben Yehuda, J. Chahboun, E. C. Fishere, M. Ouajjani;  Lecturers M. Bouba, A. Simon; Visiting Professors H. Barakat


Middle eastern studies MAJOR

  • Two language courses at the intermediate level: Arabic 22-23 or Hebrew 21-22 or approved language at equivalent level (e.g. Greek 20).
  • Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies Seminar (MES 1)
  • Two Core Courses (from MES 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9). Examples include:
    • MES 2.01: The Making of the Modern Middle East
    • MES 4.01: Energy and Society in the Middle East
    • MES 5.01: Identity and Representation in the Middle East
    • MES 8.01: Introduction to Middle Eastern Politics
  • Four Electives from MES owned or cross-listed courses. Students may construct their disciplinary focus through these courses.
  • One Culminating Experience (a course at the MES 80-level (i.e. 81 or 85)); substitutes may be approved by the Chair.
  • Total = Ten Courses

All majors must have at least one course in: humanities, history or politics, pre-modern period, and modern period



HONORS program

Standard major requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.25 and the following additional requirements:

  • Two advanced language courses beyond Arabic 23 or Hebrew 23.
  • Senior Thesis:
  • MES 88, Senior Honors Thesis part 1, and MES 89, Senior Honors Thesis part 2. These two courses (taken in winter and spring) will be coordinated with a faculty advisor.  The Honors proposal is due by the 5th week of the preceeding fall term.



Middle eastern studies MINOR

The minor will consist of six courses. Students are required to take the Introduction to the Middle East Seminar (MES 1) and two core courses. 

Only language courses beyond the first-year sequence may count for the minor. A maximum of three language courses may count for the minor.