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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Course Listing


The following courses, offered by departments of language and literature, are taught in English and are open to all students without prerequisite, the literary readings being done in English translation.
CLST 1Introductory Topics in Classical Studies

CLST 2/THEA 12The Tragedy and Comedy of Greece and Rome

CLST 3Reason and the Good Life: Socrates to Epictetus

CLST 4Classical Mythology

CLST 5The Heroic Vision: Epics of Greece and Rome

GERM 43.01History & Theory of German Film: Contemporary German Film (in English)

GERM 45The Burden of the Nazi Past: World War, Genocide, Population Transfer, and Firebombing (in English)

GERM 46The German Novel (in English translation)

LACS 4/AAAS 16History, Culture and Society: The Many Faces of Latin America

RUSS 31The World as Word: 19th Century Russian Fiction

RUSS 32Reading Red: 20th Century Russian Fiction

RUSS 35Dostoevsky and the Problem of Evil

RUSS 36The Seer of the Flesh": Tolstoy's Art and Thought

RUSS 38Special Topics in Russian Literature, Culture and Area Studies

COLT 1Read the World

COLT 40.01/ENGL 54.15History of the Book

COLT 51.01/AAAS 51/ENGL 53.16African Literatures: Masterpieces of Literature from Africa

COLT 52.02New Latin American Cinema

COLT 85Senior Seminar in Research and Methodology

For a complete description of each course, look under the appropriate department heading (see also Comparative Literature, Humanities, Religion and Theater listings).