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HIST 92.04 Partition in South Asia

In the years leading to 1947, nationalist activism against the British and tensions between Hindus and Muslims escalated in the Indian subcontinent. This culminated in Partition and the emergence of the nations of India and Pakistan. Independence was marred, however, by the bloodshed accompanying the mass movements of Muslims into Pakistan and Hindus into India. What were the factors leading to this juxtaposition of triumphal Independence with shameful Partition? What were the implications of Partition for ordinary people? How have memories of Partition continued to affect powerful politics and culture in the subcontinent? This seminar investigates such questions using a wide variety of materials including films, memoirs, fiction and scholarly works. This course follows recent scholarship in focusing on the long-term implications of Partition for the subcontinent. Hence, while we certainly will investigate the events leading up to Partition, our emphasis will be on understanding the effect of Partition on the lives of ordinary people during and after.

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