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HIST 5.14 The Americas from Invasion to Independence

Rather than following a narrative across three centuries, this course will use a thematic approach to explore how European empires were conceived, built, and challenged in the Americas. We will discuss how Europeans conceptualized their power, what they hoped they might get out of it, and how they sought to manage people and trade once they had established flourishing businesses and societies. Were their motives economic, religious, or political? Were they responding primarily to events in Europe, or were colonists and officials merely adapting pragmatically to the new environments and people they encountered? Crucially, we will also consider the imposition of empire from the perspectives of the ordinary people who negotiated it on the ground – Native Americans, European colonists, sailors, merchants, and the enslaved. How did they exploit or reject the grander schemes of their aspiring rulers? Finally, we will consider what legacies this complex imperial past has left for contemporary societies across the hemisphere. This course is not open to students who received credit for HIST 9.01 prior to Fall 2021.


Mercado-Montero and Musselwhite

Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:INT or SOC; WCult:W

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